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How to translate:
1. Type a word or cut and paste it from any application into the translation pane. Words starting with letter combinations will be displayed in the list below.
2. Click on the "Translate!" button.
3. If the word is not found, a list of possible entries beginning with the entered letters will appear.
4. Easily find words, specific letter combinations or expressions in the dictionary by using the search function. Just enter the word you want and click "Search!"
5. For tips on how to get the most out of the dictionaries and to improve your translations click here.

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Free Online Phrasebook

Featuring the natural voice of native-speakers, the LingvoSoft Online Talking PhraseBook is a great travel companion and an ideal tool for those learning a new language from scratch. This service includes about 3000 frequently used phrases, organized into 15 major topics, with several options for practicing each phrase! It's extremely convenient for browsing and the search feature makes it easy to find the entries you want.

Free Online FlashCards

An impressive foreign language vocabulary is now achievable in less time than ever! If you are tired of old-fashioned spelling drills, then the fun LingvoSoft Online FlashCards is the best choice for you! Use this Service right now or install on your desktop PC or on your PDA. You can study foreign languages as you play! Just install the new software and a collection of four absorbing games will help you memorize thousands of foreign words before you know it.

Free Online Dictionaries

LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries give you advanced linguistic solutions utilizing text-to speech-technologies. LingvoSoft Online Dictionaries provide bidirectional word translation with one of the largest database of words and phrases anywhere. These are powerful and sophisticated Service, which will provide you with exhaustive amounts of study material. They provide immediate, practical help when faced with a communication challenge requiring an instant response. If you are in need of a professional and powerful language tool, a LingvoSoft Online Dictionary is the best choice.

Free Online English Thesaurus

The purpose of the LingvoSoft Online English Thesaurus is to provide users with complete information on the meaning of a given word. This thesaurus has been created because linguistic barriers often lead to problems in arriving at a common understanding of terminology at the international level and across disciplines. Using the explanatory definitions contained within the LingvoSoft Online English Thesaurus you will be able to communicate more confidently and effectively.


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