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How to translate:
1. Type a word or cut and paste it from any application into the translation pane. Words starting with letter combinations will be displayed in the list below.
2. Click on the "Translate!" button.
3. If the word is not found, a list of possible entries beginning with the entered letters will appear.
4. Easily find words, specific letter combinations or expressions in the dictionary by using the search function. Just enter the word you want and click "Search!"
5. For tips on how to get the most out of the dictionaries and to improve your translations click here.

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ECTACO Electronic Translators

LingvoSoft Free On-line Full text translators

Our remarkably capable, free online translators are powerful tools for the lightening-fast machine translation of all kinds of text. They let you translate large documents including paragraphs, web text, e-mail, letters, etc. – even an entire website! This free online language translation service will process documents in sheer seconds as well as offering intelligible grammar analysis and a pronunciation function that make it possible to learn another language. Use this free online full text translation service to get coherent and readable texts. Each extensive bi-directional dictionary contains hundreds of thousands words and phrases employing a machine translation system including thousands of specialized terms in several categories of knowledge. The final texts can then be easily copied and pasted directly into your personal documents and emails. The web site version features online Brazilian, German to English translations, Russian to English, and German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese to Russian.

LingvoSoft Free On-line English Russian Full text translator
LingvoSoft Free On-line English Spanish Full text translator
LingvoSoft Free On-line English German Full text translator
LingvoSoft Free On-line English French Full text translator
LingvoSoft Free On-line English Polish Full text translator

This service will be available online from Spring of 2008.


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