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Cyrillic alphabet for Ukrainian


Ukrainian nouns are distinguished by gender: masculine, feminine, and neuter and have seven cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, prepositional, vocative).

Feminine nouns normally end in a/, masculine have bare consonants at the end (no changeable endings), and usual neuter endings are e/o.

Verbs inflect for present and past and future tense. Verbs in the infinitive form end with -.

There are two groups of verbs: imperfective and perfective. Imperfective verbs denote incomplete, continuous, or repetitive action; perfective verbs, on the contrary, indicate that the action has been/will be completed. Perfective verbs can never be in the present tense. For each imperfective verb, there's usually a perfective counterpart (or even several counterparts with variations in meaning).

Some verbs end with -. These are so called reflexive verbs. Grammatically they function similarly to non-reflexive verbs, so if you see - right before the -, you know that it's a common infinitive.

Theres no fixed word order and no articles in Ukrainian.

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