Language Information

The Polish alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet but uses diacritics, superior dot and ogonek (Ą). Polish orthography also includes digraphs and trigraphs.

Polish pronunciation


In Polish the stress falls generally on the penultimate (last but one) syllable.

Exceptions include:

Polish pronunciation is actually a lot more complicated.

Polish language has quite difficult grammar. There is a complex gender system with five genders: neuter, feminine and three masculine genders (personal, animate and inanimate). There are 7 cases and 2 numbers.

Nouns, adjectives and verbs are inflected, and both noun declension and verb conjugation are highly irregular. Every verb is either perfective or imperfective.

Basic word order in Polish is subject-verb-object, however it is possible to move words around in the sentence, and to drop subject, object or even sometimes verb, if they are obvious from context.

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