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Armenian is written horizontally from left to right.

There are a few minor differences in the pronunciation of the letters between two main dialects of Armenian: Western and Eastern. Eastern Armenian speakers have kept the original pronunciations of the letters, pronouncing each of the 38 letters quite distinctively. Western Armenian speakers pronounce a few of the letters in the same way.

Most of the letters have numerical values.

Classical Armenian distinguishes seven vowels: a, i, schwa, open e, closed e, o, and u. Armenian is rich in combinations of consonants, especially in affricative sounds such as j, ch, and ts.

Eastern Armenian alphabet

Western Armenian alphabet


Armenian punctuation


Both classical Armenian and the modern spoken and literary dialects have a complicated system of declining nouns, with six or seven noun cases but no gender. In modern Armenian the use of auxiliary verbs to show tense (comparable to will in "he will go") has generally supplemented the inflected verbs of classical Armenian. Negative verbs are conjugated differently from positive ones (as in English "he goes" and "he does not go").

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