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English is written using the Latin alphabet.

English alphabet

English alphabet


English is slightly inflected. It compensates for this by placing more grammatical information in auxiliary words and word order, through retaining features like:

-         Possessive: He is Alfredo's best friend. -'s

-         3rd person singular present: Alfredo works. -s

-         past tense Alfredo worked. ed

-         present participle/ progressive: Alfredo is working. -ing

-         past participle: The car was stolen. en, Alfredo has talked to the police. ed

-         gerund: Working is good for the soul. ing

-         plural: Nice black cats. s

-         comparative: Alfredo is smarter than Ricky. er

-         superlative: Alfredo has the bluest eyes. est

English does not carry gender (except for third person singular pronouns).


The spelling system or orthography of English is not phonological.

English vowels and diphthongs


English consonants

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