Help Page

Please read this short manual before using LingvoSoft Online FlashCard.

The program facilitates effective vocabulary expansion and quick advancement in foreign language studies. Words are memorized in the game-playing process using Flash Cards.

Both sides of a card are displayed on the screen. The side with a foreign word on it is shown. Below you will find the other side with its translation. The player can flip through the cards consulting the translation section when needed.

The program will consecutively display cards with the words to be memorized. Aside from the word itself, the record will show its part of speech. Comments may include gender, plurality, and other information written in a smaller font.

By default, the translation is not available for viewing. In order to see it, tap the back of the card and the card will "flip".

You can skip to the next card by pressing the Skip>> button. If you cannot remember the translation, use the same button to keep the card in the deck and to move on to the next card. In that case, cards stay stacked in the deck for unlearned words. Use the Drop button to set aside cards with words already memorized.

Use the Always show translation option when you simply want to look over the words and translations and get familiar with them. When that option is switched on, the translation sides of cards will always be revealed.

Parts of speech naming conventions

A adjective
ABBR abbreviation
ADV adverb
ART article
AUX auxiliary
CONJ conjunction
ID idiom
INTRJ interjection
N noun
NPR proper noun
NUM numeral
PART particle
PHR phrase
PREF prefix
PREP preposition
PRON pronoun
SUFF suffix
V verb

Gender and number naming conventions

M masculine
N neuter
F feminine
MN masculine or neuter
MF masculine or feminine
NF neuter or feminine
PL plural
MPL masculine plural
NPL neuter plural
FPL feminine plural
MFPL masculine or feminine plural
MNPL masculine or neuter plural
NFPL neuter or feminine plural