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How to translate:
1. Type a word or cut and paste it from any application into the translation pane. Words starting with letter combinations will be displayed in the list below.
2. Click on the "Translate!" button.
3. If the word is not found, a list of possible entries beginning with the entered letters will appear.
4. Easily find words, specific letter combinations or expressions in the dictionary by using the search function. Just enter the word you want and click "Search!"
5. For tips on how to get the most out of the dictionaries and to improve your translations click here.

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More services to go soon:

LingvoZone Launches Free Online Translator

Our remarkably capable, free online translators are powerful tools for the lightening-fast machine translation of all kinds of text. They let you translate large documents including paragraphs, web text, e-mail, letters, etc. even an entire website! This free online language translation service will process documents in sheer seconds as well as offering intelligible grammar analysis and a pronunciation function that make it possible to learn another language.

LingvoSoft Online team plans to launch Free Online Translator service in the end of May, 2007.

Keep in touch!

What’s New:

March 1, 2007

Start improving your foreign language with Free LingvoSoft Online FlashCards.

As part of its ongoing project to provide users with the most comprehensive selection of online resources, LingvoSoft Online has just launched an online flashcards learning tool that makes increasing your vocabulary fun and easy.

Incorporating general vocabulary as well as Business, Computer and Medical terminology, LingvoSoft Online Flashcards feature the language you need to master to be a success. The classic flashcards algorithm requires that you recall the translation of each learned word in a block, and this is the effective way to achieve an impressive foreign language vocabulary. There are more than 80 language pairs available for studying.

If you are tired of old-fashioned spelling drills, then the fun LingvoSoft Online FlashCards is the best choice for you! Start using this free service right now! You can study foreign languages anytime and everywhere, just because the first and only online flashcards learning tool is now available absolutely for free at www.lingvozone.com.

January 22, 2007 Translate Your Visitor's World - With LingvoSoft Online PhraseBook on your site!

Internet users are constantly on the lookout for the best Internet sites, ones that offer the most interesting services, best products and most useful information. Sites that provide and absolutely unique service are almost always extremely successful and generate both repeat visits and increased sales.

LingvoSoft now offers you the opportunity to increase traffic and visitor loyalty by providing yet another important reason to keep coming back – and it’s absolutely free!

Simply install LingvoSoft Online Talking PhraseBook on your site and sit back and watch the hits increase.

LingvoSoft’s patented technology allows you to choose between two effortless methods. One is a simple link which leads visitors to the astonishingly comprehensive LingvoSoft Online Talking PhraseBook while the other keeps visitors on your site while providing remote access to LingvoSoft’s award-winning PhraseBook utility.

And because most Internet visits are generated by word of mouth, your inclusion of such an intelligent and unique tool for your users means that you will instantly be connected to an international network of prosperous and influential individuals. So why wait? Start providing your customers with a reason to return today and keep the hits coming.

Learn all about how to put LingvoSoft translation tools to work for you here: LingvoSoft Online Talking PhraseBook on your site.

December 11, 2006 LingvoSoft PhraseBooks for 45 languages Now Available Online

As part of its ongoing project to provide users with the most comprehensive selection of online resources, LingvoSoft Online has just launched an online phrasebook translation engine that is able to translate between 45 of the world’s most popular languages.

Featuring 3000 first use phrases, this remarkable talking online translation service is unlike any other resource available anywhere – and it’s yours to use absolutely free. Organized into 15 topic headings with several options for practicing each phrase, they even include human voice output! From now you will be prepared for everyday conversation abroad or when you need to visit a bank, post office, shop, restaurant, and more. Not only does it allow you to learn useful phases thus helping you to become confident when communicating in a second language but this sophisticated resources helps you prepare for any trip abroad by making sure you are able to understand and be understood in a variety of situations.

Featuring the ability to translate between unique and unusual language pairs, everyone will find something useful and necessary in this valuable resource – and its available only from LingvoSoft Online. So why wait, start speaking in another language now – visit www.lingvozone.com/free-online-phrasebooks today!

November 6, 2006 Add A LingvoSoft Dictionary To Your Site and Increase Traffic

LingvoSoft Online now makes it easier than ever for your international visitors to get the most out of your site. With our new online dictionary translation modules you can simply and easily provide your users with the ability to translate between numerous language pairs.

With more than 40 different dictionaries to choose from, you are sure to find the one that suits you and your visitors best. And with the further option of either pointing users to another site or keeping them on your page you will find something that will suit both you and your users alike. Our research has shown that the more options you offer your visitors the more likely they are to return again and again to your site, increasing traffic and increasing profits.
So take advantage of this simple add on to make the experience of visiting your site the best it can be – with LingvoSoft as your partner, the sky’s the limit. Find out more about how simple and easy it is to enhance your site and increase your returns here www.lingvozone.com/online-dictionaries-on-yoursite

October 5, 2006 Free Online Dictionary starts Talking!

Our Free Online Dictionary not only translates in both directions, but also pronounces the translation aloud! And it does so using the most advanced Text-to-Speech synthesis available anywhere! Now you never need to check transcriptions; simply select a word and with one click have the dictionary pronounce it for you.
The Text-To-Speech engine is available for the following languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Polish and Japanese Kana!

Enjoy our Free Online Talking Dictionary!

October 3, 2006 Linguistic Web-Resources Database is now available for free use!

This extended collection of links is made available for your comfort and convenience and is divided into sections that contain links to Websites and WebPages on various subjects. Available for you to use absolutely free, this resource has been designed to help you find the information you need to improve your business, excel in your studies, or even just for fun.

September 5, 2006 Free Online English Thesaurus service started.

The LingvoSoft Online English Thesaurus contains more than 340,000 entries and related words. Each thesaurus entry contains a brief definition describing the meanings and links to similar entries or phrases and idioms within the thesaurus.

August 21, 2006 Free Online English MultiLingual dictionary service started.

LingvoSoft Online English MultiLingual dictionaries contain hundreds of thousands of words and phrases and are able to translate in both directions for increased comprehension and effectiveness. Save time and effort by using these online language dictionaries to translate words and sentences. More than 40 language pairs are available for translation.

August 3, 2006 LingvoSoftOnline web portal started.

LingvoSoft Online contains an extensive selection of free online linguistic utilities and databases. Featuring lighter, web-friendly versions of award-winning translation and language learning utilities, this gateway to barrier-free communication lets you experience first hand the joys of understanding. Word by word searches of a foreign language text using books are now a thing of the past thanks to the rapid and effective free online tools provided here.


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